The God Confusion

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Thoughts
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We’ve all experienced it right? It’s a part of life.

A while ago a specific confusion seemed to dominate my life.

At that time I had huge questions, and ‘answers’ seemed to be most elusive to find.

I was having ‘The God Confusion.’

I wrote the following around that time. Can you relate?

‘Its as if the more I think, the less I understand.  How can I draw any conclusions to the questions that arise, when with every fact I learn, a hundred more questions come to mind?

You’ve created me to be limited. Yet what I need to understand are the workings of  He who is Unlimited. So then by default I can never make any conclusion. So is this where we come to faith?

Well no right? As you say not to follow on blind faith, rather have an intellectual conviction in your beliefs. But my intelligence is flawed and imperfect, and you are the definition of greatness and perfection, so how can I understand you?

Everythig seems contradictory, and there are so many holes and ends which dont meet. Every persons answers about my questions never satisfy my soul, becuase they either come from a overly intellectualised and politcal angle, or a wishy washy spiritual angle.

So I try to seek the knowledge and answers myself, but you brought your book in a language I dont understand, and then I think if those who have studied it for years are unable to answer my questions, what hope do I have?

To find the answers to this conundrum would be a lifes work, if not more, and leave no time for anything else.  So again, what do I do? Live and Learn OR neglect all else and try to find answers, when they may not exist?

I cant understand why you created Hell, I cant understand why you created Satan, I cant understand why you test us becuase of the actions of  three beings, I cant understand how you can allow disbelief and thus eternal damnation of your own creation, I cant understand your wrath, I dont understand how as a Creator you would allow all of this suffering and such violent punishment for souls you gave life to, I dont understand how you can expect the limited to understand the cosmic. I dont understand what I should do to be one of the righteous, I dont understand who is right and who is wrong when they talk about your Message.

I dont understand if my questioning is good or blashphemous. I dont know if i understand myself, my species, my Lord, my Religion, my Purpose correctly.”


I know what your thinking, I’m starting off too light? lol

Anyway please share your thoughts and experiences.

I’ve found some answers, others I’m yet to discover, maybe you can provide them!
Yours Truly

Zishaan ZuZu Shafi

  1. eric.isiah says:

    I absolutely love this, so many people are afraid to speak up about their misunderstanding of God and spirituality and they fall into this pattern of just going with it because it’s what’s been told to them, it’s what they’ve been showed, what has been demonstrated. It is VERY confusing and we all fall into it. Is it wrong to question God? Is it wrong to wonder? It’s al so confusing and hard to stay away from when in a dark place of hurt and pain. I believe you have to simplify it for yourself, make your relationship with your God what it is. I don’t feel that it is necessary to flock with a religion to be a believer and to know the power of God, and so many others feel differently and praise blindly. But I won’t rant. I love this Post Zishaan.

    • Im so glad you liked this post Eric. I think there is definitely a fear of speaking about your DOUBTS. People in religion expect pure adherence and compliance. They think questions are wrong- but its through questioning that we arrive at answers! And I spent a long time questioning, and I was rewarded with answers in the end which made my faith STRONGER! So im def’ better off for asking them.

  2. Michele says:

    We cannot deem to understand the greatness of G*D but rather we must have a great faith and spiritual awareness.
    G*D gave us free will and therefore the good and the bad, the wicked and the evil, the cruelty and the misery, the love and the hate, the angst and the passion and all the emotions and experiences that we as mere human beings, have to experience in order to further the development of our soul, is created not by G*D, but by us and us alone. We make the choices in life and those choices may be right or wrong. 
    Governments may choose to allow thousands of their own people to starve, die, Perish or suffer because they are intent on pocketing billions instead of spending it on their own people. A good example is Mubarak, he has $70 billion!! His choice was to pocket the money from his country and let his people live in poverty. Is this G*D’s fault? Surely not! 
    6 million Jews perishished at the hands of the Nazis, whilst the world looked on, nothing was done to stop it. Was this G*D’s fault? Certainly not! It was the fault of all those who either carried out the atrocities or looked on and said nothing because those were the choices that they made purely of free will He allowed them.  
    If we as sentient human beings use free will wrongly, then we and we alone are responsible for the outcome and certainly not G*D.
    G*D is incapable of hatred, anger and revenge, He is only capable of love in it’s purest form.
    Heaven and hell are places we create for ourselves. They are necessary in order for our soul to grow, mature and learn the answers to all the questions. 
    Every soul has been created by G*D and is a part of G*D and therefore must return to G*D.

    • Absolutely LOVE your post Miss N!!!!!

      And I definitely see that to be true- I’ve understood that the evil and the corruption comes from humanity. WE are the ones who succumb to the voices of destruction which come from our own head, and then proceed to tear the world around us down. God has created us, and created us to have free will. That is why he allows the world to take its path, coz WE created the path and WE can change it. In Islam it says God will not change your situation until you change yourselves.

  3. These thoughts have crossed my mind many, many times. I’m interested in religion, not because I am a strong believer but more due to past experiences and wanting to gather an understanding of something so beyond logical thought. As you mentioned, there are so many contradictions in religion that simply do not make sense unless you take a “oh but what God actually means is this and that, not literally what the Book says”. A friend and I always converse about the topic why does there have to be a God? I love what eric.isiah says in their comment..”I don’t feel that it is necessary to flock with a religion to be a believer and to know the power of God”. I think God is an individual feeling, emotion, need, want, relationship. It is unique and individual.

    • If there is one thing I have learned, it is that the relationship one has with God, is very personal, and to never let anyone else comment on it. I am part of a organised religion, but I still adopt that policy. I learn my do’s and dont’s from my religion, I get the guidance and his teaching from it, but ultimately I know my journey to salvation is unique to anyone else in the same Faith. And that way I keep my perspective pure and my own.

  4. Juli7en says:

    You do have too many questions and maybe you’re right about searching some answers. I choose to believe and not questioning too much cause I don’t need to know more than I already know. I believe in God in a spiritual way and that’s enough for me.
    You’re start this blog with something deep Zu’ lol

  5. Gary says:

    People may view God in a human form, an entity or spiritual personality that wields mighty power, judgment and grace. HE is thought to be found in various forms whether it be flesh and bone, a ghostly presence, the trinity, mother earth or man made idol of hard cold stone.
    I am of the belief that those things beyond human understanding are better off in the mind of God only. Those biblical and spiritual revelations meant for a human mind are the only ones I try to understand and/or live by. I wish to invest no effort in understanding the private realm of God’s mind…therefore I trust with faith, all that this revealed and absorbed into those “return to dust one day” brain cells I was given.
    It is wonderful to strive for a better understanding of God but I can’t possibly handle knowing all that He knows!

    • ”Things beyond human understanding”— you hit the nail on the head. When I accepted this, I had many questions answered by that alone. We are limited, so we cant understand the unlimited, BUT we CAN sense its prescence.. and there is our answer.

      Great point Gary!

  6. lifewith4cats says:

    when one seeks to find absolute truth in this life: it is only possible by ruthlessly cutting down all hypocrisy and half truth contained within ones own soul reguardless of the book, creed, or station in life. Relying on someone else is like the blind leading the blind also reguardless of book, creed or station.

    I know its uncommon to say this but, I really don’t see God as incapable of hate and only having love. I think instead, God is like a petty whiney jealouse baby who has no tolerence for stress. And I won’t be stuck down with lightning for saying so. Truth is Truth.

    I do agree rather with Gary, in that I know enough to know, that I know nothing. And this is sufficient.

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