Struggle Against Self

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Poetry
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”Struggle Against Self”

In a bid to be the hero
You’ve destroyed the whole town
Grappling and wrestling
With the beast
The ultimate thrown down

Craters in the roads
Metal strewn about
Are signs of your struggle
To rob it of its crown

Your valiant intentions
Serve as a pardon
For the consequences of your actions

You tussle and skewer the wretch
Exhausting such energy
In your attempt to defeat your foe

Not realising
The monster your fighting
Is yourself

Now your alone in the wreckage
There’s no applause or cheers
As the dust settles
And the crumbling rocks grind to a halt
You begin to see

Everyone saw it clearly but you
And they had wishes you’d cease
Or take the fight elsewhere
To a more private place

Where you could be free
To wage your struggle for supremacy
Against the sum of your problems
Incarnated as a foul fiend

Your defeat is an embarassment
Its been seen so many times before
So this swan song
Would rather not be heard
The notes you’d sing
Would be painful to endure
An ode to a battle well fought
But lost, nontheless

Yours Truly

Zishaan ZuZu Shafi


© Copyright Protected

  1. Haroon says:

    CH, DELETE this post ASAP and give the lyrics to B!!!!!! =O Amazing

  2. tasha says:

    Love it… jus a few pointers change hero to pimp n foe 2 ho n u got it!!!! Only jokin its wicked x

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