Sweetest Murder

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Poetry
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Sweetest Murder

Most oft then not,
it’s the bitter tasting pill
which heals us best.

Sweet flavoured remedies,
are rarely more than just
a good tasting lie.

Yet I preferred your falsities,
becausethey were kind to me.
The truth was not what I craved
it was obsolete.

For I was on a honey high,
smoothest semantics,
baby you were the richest caramel.

Your moves, so slick,
I consumed your sugar by the brick.
And in my fructose frenzy
I played the fool,
unable to think clearly
for I was consumed.

My mind was saturated
by mocha madness I took in shots.
You delivered them
and I didnt hold back

It was the softest of asphyxiations,
I didn’t even realise,
the level of intake
that were your lies.

I was overdosing,
dying a slow death.
Baby it was the sweetest murder
that you dealt.

The kindest of villains,
the best looking of foes,
an admirable adversary
your talent, it shows.

For you could present
the most withered of roses
in such a way,
bright with colour
and show no sighs of decay.

You could sell the impossible
as if it were the simplest of things,
tell the greatest of lies
and not even blink.

But without doubt
your greatest trick
was to kill a person
without them realising it.

And the murder is gentle.
its the sweetest of things.
But just because it tastes good
doesnt mean its doing goodness within.

For that syrup your drinking.
is eating you inside
why would it not?
Its a sweet tasting lie.

© Copyright Protected

Yours Truly

Zishaan ”ZuZu” Shafi

P.S This is as POSITIVE as I get. 🙂

  1. Afrojisiac says:

    if this is not talent , then someone better tell me what it is!!
    Beautifully written, the “images” are well worded and appropriate! i love every bit of that poem! not the type of poems u start readin’ and feel like doin’ something else after the 4th line!
    It makes you wanna read it till the end ! Genuine!
    Can’t wait to read some more!

  2. Jags says:

    Yet again a masterpiece written by the man himself. I always said you have a way with words like no one else. Am looking forward to your next nuggets of poetic wisdom.

  3. Thanking you both kindly!!! :)))

  4. You have a talent, I can see heart and hard work 🙂 Keep it going!

  5. U.Z.I says:

    Dark thoughts……but from a soul enlightened from within

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