Good Things Come To An End?

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Poetry, Thoughts
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Good Things Come To An End?

(Wrote this just now, in about six minutes, inspired by a random conversation over MSN with a friend. So forgive any mistakes! )

Why do all good things
come to an end
but my tears don’t
want to stop from falling

why does heartache
just go on and on
and happiness
disappear like a lost friend

why do shadows
always follow the light
constantly threatening
to pass by
and just take over

why is there nowhere to go
when your feeling so low
doubled up with hardship
cant sail out of it

why is it so hard
to travel through harsh land
oasis seem so far
lush greens give over
to deserts
so arid and lifeless

it isn’t fair
that i must
walk along lonely roads
where no one else wants to go

why must i be unhappy
is there no one else like me
why cant my misery
have a little company

why cant i just have something
my own, not to be shared with
just mine solely
to energise my soul, see
i really need some laughter
to crease my face
not frowns or anger
dominating the skyline
of my facial timeline

i just need u baby
lying real close to me
dispelling all the darkness
making me trust us
giving me fortitude
to believe my solitude
is finally over
and your here to stay forever

is that naive
am i being foolish
to even wish it
can it even be possible
is infinity
a myth we weave
is it just a fallacy

regardless i chose to believe
and I’ll keep believing
till i stop breathing

I’ll always have hope that
good things can last longer
then just a moment
with u, life has become golden.

© Copyright Protected

Yours Truly

Zishaan ”ZuZu” Shafi

  1. Julien Mas says:

    I like that there’s hope and faith in here. Nice one Zu’ !

  2. China Rules ... says:

    I think this is great ..

  3. I’ve felt this way before. Nice. I like the image with the poem too.

  4. Mele says:

    Cool! & nice blog! Keep up the good work.

  5. I admire the way you can turn the agony of loneliness into poetry. I can’t begin to do that!
    Really effective work, ZuZu.

  6. Laura says:

    We need poetry in everyday life. Good work!

  7. Jags says:

    Ooooh! Only in six minutes you churn out this stuff? Très impressive!

  8. Jackie Paulson 1966 says:

    With Faith, Hope and Love we can overcome all challenges and trial.

  9. UZI says:

    Abu Huraira narrates

    The world is a prison-house for a believer and Paradise for a non-believer.

    I think your poem/frustration/agony/despair is perfect reflection of this……..

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