Self Entrapment

Posted: November 26, 2011 in Thoughts
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Self Entrapment

From a collection of cells, which proliferate, and take form, we become a part of Creation.

We join the ranks of Life as we enter into the world, taking our first breath. We begin the contract of Living. We take from this earth and give back to it, from the second we join it, independently financing our relationship as a part of the Energy of the Universe.

Life is organic. The planet we live on is alive. It is in a cycle growth which is constant. Always evolving, adapting, and responding. Its heartbeat is present, deep and steady, the tremors of which are felt across every inch of its surface, to which all of Creation responds to.

The Universe is a stage of life and death on a scale too colossal to comprehend. Every moment is different from the one before it, the next comes in the blink of an eye, and there it remains, but different in so many ways from the one we were just a part of.

Life is natural, life is chaotic, life has a beautiful order, and life is the one common denominator we share. Life is energy, which we contribute to, collectively. We take from and have an influence on it. It is a relationship which is bi-directional, but why then do we create barriers between it and ourselves.

We are born with instincts, desires and needs. As we grow we fulfil these, refine them and explore them. We are born with a host of faculties that are aligned with Life. As we grow it seems the disconnection between us and those faculties grows with it. We trust this relationship less.

Our Heart, Mind & Soul are receptors to the lessons Life imparts. Life which speaks the message of its Creator.

We are meant to use our Heart, Mind & Soul to guide us through life, to the best result, but with our Gift of Higher Thought, we created traps and snares, and laid them across our soul, which the Great Deceiver and his Allies amplify in the desire to lead Mankind astray.

Humanity has a need to bound Life down with definitive terms. As this creates comfort. A fools attempt to fool one’s self into thinking we are in control. In control of a force of energy so grandiose, we cannot even comprehend it, let alone tame and organise it. Man displays his arrogance at its fullest extent with his explanation of Laws, naming his surrounds, and trying to measure it. I find this slightly amusing, as it creates a box around something which can never be contained.

Science tries to reassure us that our understanding is sound, complete and attempts to explain forces & structures beyond the limit of the Human mind. It tries to diminish them into sizeable chunks which our minds can process, rather then allowing awe to overtake us. Awe of the colossal community we are a small part of, awe of the contract we are entered into, and the responsibility that is given to us along with what we receive.

If we could allow convention to breakdown, for restrictions to rot, if we could starve ourselves of our hunger for limits, barriers, boxes, definite terms, why then we would be more alive and connected to reality, nature & spirituality.

We could live in a heightened state of spiritual and personal awareness. Understand the One behind all that we are a part of. Changing our lives, changing the lives of those around us, changing the course our planet is set on. We could steer ourselves from destruction to salvation.

Do not succumb to the demons of your own creation, or to the demons of misinformation and wickedness.

When we stop saying Can’t, we can look for the paths to Can.

It’s hard to do, I fail at it too. When I allow Doubt & Fear to whisper into my mind. For then down come the bars and I am trapped.


Self entrapment!


This is the saddest of things, as you are locked in a prison that you created.  In it you rot, when you could walk out at any time, through the door, if you would but see that it is there.


Yours Truly

 Zishaan ‘ZuZu’ Shafi

 © Copyright Protected


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