In Loving Memory

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Poetry, Thoughts
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I’m not one for anniversaries, of any kind. Especially not this one. If you Love someone, you dont need a day to show it. You should display it constantly. But it’s been a year since my lovely Dad passed away, cannot believe its been a whole year. Time has passed by so quickly.

I think about him everyday, even though sometimes I wish I didnt, because memories of him have introduced me to a whole new level of pain. It sounds bad doesnt it, but at times, when I am at work with a patient, he will pop into my head, and I have to stop myself thinking of him, because I wont be able to focus. Life doesnt stop for anyone, no matter how good your excuse.

One year has passed, a lifetime of that to go.

I express my emotions through writing, and to sum up how I feel today I just wrote this. RIP DAD x


In Loving Memory


Everyone is telling me

Time will heal

The pain you feel

As if time is his warm embrace

As if it has the charm

Of his smiling face

Time cannot numb the feeling

It goes too deep, believe me


Every day is a struggle

Of moving past this trouble

To keep going strong

When it feels so wrong

That I am getting on as if nothing happened

My life changed, read all about it


But never can it be said

That I forgot you, not even for a second

The memory of your smiling face

Is painted in my mind’s eye

It stands out the most

And I miss it dearly

Abu, I wish you were near me


I did so much wrong

And I am truly sorry

Coz they are things I can’t change

No matter how much I wish could turn back time

Had understood what you were trying to tell me

It is all clear now

Every lesson makes sense


Though you left, you did not leave me empty handed

Your final gift, was a vicissitude

In my existence

You died, and I was born brand new

My dearest Father

Everyday I’m praying

And I know it helps you

As your soul is resting

You told me in my dream

That you were happy

And that is all I ever wanted




Yours Truly

Zishaan ‘ZuZu’ Shafi

  1. Rajkishore says:

    Hi Zuzu, I can feel u. It’s true, nobody can take your dad’s place. What I got from your blogs, you are very confident and smart. And you can handle the situation without anybody’s help. It’s just matter of time. So smile please 🙂

  2. Rae says:

    Sorry to hear you lost your dad, but I hope writing of him helps with the pain.

  3. Tracy Tang says:

    Beautiful poetry. Cannot believe its been 1 year already. Time flies. Thinking of you and your family. X

  4. darkjade68 says:

    Yeah my Mom, who I am very close to, hit 70 this year, and I’ve been thinking more and more, how will I go through life without her… She is not just my Mom, she is one of my best and closest friends… And really only one of two people that really get me… My other being my Brother

    I wish you the greatest luck with the feelings that you are having… I can’t even imagine what it must be like

    Thanks for sharing, very nice Poem


    • It’s really hard to prepare for it, no matter how much you try, you can never be ready to be honest. It’s great to hear how close you are to your mum and brother, the time together is so precious and helps when you no longer have those people in the physical world anymore. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a kind message.

  5. Jib says:

    Zu, my Dear… i was so hurt when i heard the news but i know it is far from the pain you went through and are still goin’ through…
    Yes, people say “Time will heal the pain” and i’m sure i”ve been among those tellin you that but lookin’ back and thinkin’ about my own losses… i don’t think we could ever heal… the wounds are still there so is the pain… so No, time does not heal the pain…. if anything, Time just helps overcome the pain..

    But i know you’re a strong young man and your Dad is and will always be watching over you. Keep Your head up like you did up til now and keep moving forward with your life to make him proud. It’s not that easy all the time but i believe you have the strength it requires.


    PS: Excuse my english 🙂 my french self can write as good as you do.

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