The Heart

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Reflections, Thoughts
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The Heart

A complex organ, which is the centre of the cardiovascular system. Comprised of auto regulating cardiac tissue, separated into halves, containing valves, chambers, arteries and veins. Responsible for pumping blood around the body, ensuring  tissues and organs receive oxygen, cells and the other 101 things which keep us ticking along.

Gosh, I love getting scientific!

It is also the object of Poets, Singers and Philosophers. A symbol of Love and Emotion, obsessed over at length, in a desperate attempt at understanding it.

Faiths have also spoken about what the ‘Heart’ is. From Christianity to Islam, Buddhism to Yoruba, all doctrines have given an explanation of how the heart is central to belief, God and one’s self.

I am more than just a organism. I function by organs, hormones and systems. This I understand clearly. But there are dimensions to me, which science cannot explain, so it ignores them, deeming them as not worthy of discussion.  

That is because these are the elements to Creation which they cannot account for. Here, mathematical equations and laboratory experiments are unable to produce answers.

The secret to life, the spirit, dreams, emotions, mans propensity for belief and a relationship with a higher power… and the HEART.

Not the physical, but the one which has been referred to since man began talking and writing, that is what I am continuing the discussion of.

The heart is where you feel. It is the home of love, hate and of the scope of human emotion. It has a voice, and it speaks loud within us all.

For me, it is akin to a child. It will absorb whatever you feed it in terms of concepts, pleasures etc. It will then grow according to what you mould it to be, and speak in a voice that echoes your teachings.

The hearts propensity is towards good, but you can lead it towards bad. However that is something you would actively have to decide to do. The heart will never choose to do bad itself. That will come from you and society. Once you force it to, it will crave more. And that will proliferate, and spread into every atom of your spiritual being, until it knows no better and is happy with nothing but the dark you introduced it to. 



Returning your heart to goodness is a hard process.  But only by reconditioning it with Truth can you stand a chance at being saved. A corrupted heart turns away from goodness. To realign it with goodness, you have to FORCE yourself to do good, hammering the seal upon your heart, with iron blows, until it cracks. 

Once it is realigned with its nature and its organic desire for spiritual good, it will guide you, leading you towards benefit and safety. It will be a faculty you can trust in.  

You cannot treat a beast with cruelty and then expect it then to be loving.

You cannot poison a body and expect it to be healthy.

You cannot deprive a heart of nourishment and expect it to function correctly

Take care of your heart. And it will take care of you.

Your Thoughts?

Yours Truly

Zishaan ZuZu Shafi

© Copyright Protected


  1. nuvofelt says:

    Thanks for the post. Lots to think about. Found you through the forum.

  2. Thats a lot to think on! I really like the idea of the examination of the heart philosophically. I guess I introduced my heart to bad a long time ago, and it has taken many years and lots of effort to purge those negative feelings.

    I say that like I always knew it, and maybe I did – but the post explained the process and idea so clearly that I think that may be the first time I’ve ever expressed it thusly! Thanks!!!

  3. eva626 says:

    I used to think about this a lot…the beauty. Its such a paradox but then I just admire what its worth instead of how.

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