We Are More Than Enough

Posted: December 31, 2011 in Poetry, Reflections, Thoughts
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You are more than enough. We all are. Realise this and fulfill your individual potential. This is an ode to self belief, I hope you enjoy it. 

You Are More Than Enough


From a blazing fire

I have been breathed

The might of the Oceans

Poured into me

As lethal as lightning

From the deadliest of storms

Combined together

Cannot equal my force


I am the moment

In the moment I live

Within it, invincible

Do I have you convinced?


I am supreme

If that is what I desire

I shift shape

And soar higher

In the shape of a phoenix

My light cannot be dimmed

I have no need to hope

Greatness lies within

Within my body, mind and soul

Glory is mine, mine to hold


I thrive from adversity

I gain strength

When others would get weak

I metamorphose

When I feel the need


I am rare

As I understand my worth

I achieve greatness

For that is what I deserve


I realise my potential

Has no limit

Only the one

I impose upon it


And so by knowing this

I cannot diminish

I live in the moment

The moment is mine

Safe inside it

I channel the divine


© Copyright Protected


Yours Truly

Zishaan ZuZu Shafi




  1. Joanna says:

    I like part where you say you are rare and understand your worth. It’s really profound right there. Lovely poem.

  2. veehcirra says:

    Wow, this is beautiful!

  3. Thank you for your kind comments guys! Really appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  4. Gully says:

    Very positive – I like it!

  5. LadyT says:

    Incredible! I really enjoyed this…

  6. NuttyNeuron says:

    Very positive 🙂 perfect way of starting the new year – btw I have it up on my notice board now loved it that much!

  7. eva626 says:

    i loved this..its such a good way to get back into an optimistic mood…be the moment.

  8. Thank you Eva and LadyT for your comments, I really do truly appreciate you both taking the time to stop by and comment and hit that like button! All of you keep my inspired!

  9. Li Seay says:

    This was great ZuZu. I love it. This poem truly SPEAKS!

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