Chemically Assisted Living

Posted: February 25, 2012 in Reflections, Thoughts
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Chemically Assisted Living

It’s 1.38am. I have to wake up at 5.30am to work. I’ve been in bed since 11.16pm. I’m not happy about what I am about to do, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I go downstairs to look for a sleeping pill (or two). After taking my fix of God knows what, I wait to sleep. Little did I know that my insomnia is stronger than any active agent a pharmacutical pill can conjure up. It takes hours until I finally get to sleep.

I struggle to stay awake on the train, a second shameful thought flashes in my mind; a strong coffee to wake me up? So as I walk towards the Practice, I stop off at a coffee shop.

‘A regular latte thanks.’

I press the hot take-away cup against my eyes, I like the warm feeling. I wait for the caffine to work it’s magic. It doesnt. My body scoffs at Starbucks promise of deliverance from tiredness.

‘Bring it on mr, ground beans, fair trade or not, shall not help you.’

I’m glad to say that I very rarely resort to these measures. But modern day living has pushed even the most reluctant of people toward chemically assisted living. At times it seems there is no escaping it.

What we once did naturally we now need a host of paharmacuetical aid’s in achieving. If it’s not chemical, its some kind of manipulated organic assistance.

‘Freshly squeezed orange juice Sir?’

‘No thanks, I’ll take it from concentrate!’

Modern day living. Modern day problems. Modern day soloutions. Right? 

Well, cometh the hour, cometh the man. And boy did they come.

Get out the trumpets and drums, the multinational food companies and pharamcutical corporations come marching in. Two by two. Oh when they come marching in.

We should have wept, but instead we fell at their feet in gratitude. Delvier us please!

A new culture was emerging, one of instant gratification, of having everything quicker and bigger. Of technology and commercialisation. With it came the need for man to evolve. More was expected. So work became life, and life became unbearable.

The financial potential from modern day dissaray proved to be a gold mine. One that was exploited, encouraged…manipulated?

‘Do you feel Tired, Sad, Depressed, Lonely, Alive, Human? Well we have just the fix to make you feel good.’ 

Things which were once a part of life became hinderances not to be born. 

‘Sir I do not have the time to be sad! I demand you fix it.’

‘I understand. Here is some Valium. That’ll be $39.99 thank you. Cash or Card?’

Life became a problem, because it was getting in the way of; deadlines, the need to do a late shift just to pay the bills, getting that promotion so you could send your kids to private school.

So much more was expected these days, and our nature was not about to get in the way of that.

Were once we would have taken a walk in the park, we sit on desk chairs working. Air from a machine regulates our temperature, coffee machines keep us going, drug stores ensure we tick along. Our food is concentrated and put together with a ton of things we cant pronounce.

We use modern soloutions to treat our modern problems, because we’ve changed right?

How could dipping into the natural or spiritual pool solve our concrete microchip induced issues. We’ve changed, right?

These studies that prove a 10 minute walk outdoors releases the same energy boosting hormones as a cup of coffee, or one’s which prove the benefits or growing your own or meditation and prayer, meh, all rubbish.

‘Give me the pills bitch, and make it a vente.’

We’ve changed. We need new soloutions.

We need to feng shui our office and rebirth once a year. We need to work on machines in the gym. We need to do laughter therapy. We need to do any kind of therapy. (‘My goldfish died when I was 4. Can I have the pills now?’) We need the pill to stop a cycle, another to jump start a reaction. We need so many things. COZ  WE HAVE CHANGED. Oh yes we have.

God. Nature. Simplicity. Basics. Foundations. Spirituality. All obsolete. We have modern day problems with modern day soloutions.

Your Thoughts?

Yours Truly

Zishaan ‘ZuZu’ Shafi


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