Embrace The Dark

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Reflections, Thoughts
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Embrace The Dark

Dont be afraid of the dark. Embrace it. We all wander in the dark at some point in our life. Some more than others.

The dark is so misunderstood. It is not a bad place. It is not black, but varying shades of grey. It is a place for all of mankind. The dark lives inside us. It is a second home.

Lost In The Dark

Yet as soon as one enters into it, they begin looking for a way out.

If only we were brave, we would understand that it is the medium in which you can achieve true change. A place for transition. Never meant to be a permanent home, unless you let it be, but do allow for it to be a temporary abode.

During your stay you will find a comfort of sorts, not in your habitation but in your leaving. The dark provides a gift to those who made their stay, in it, successful.

True, whilst you are in the dark, you will face demons. You will stumble and fall, be lost and frightened. More alone than you’ve ever been before. Yes it will test your character, but the longer you spend in the dark, the greater chance you have of discovering the monster in you. Of then facing it. Defeating it.

You can then leave the dark, reborn. Stronger. Enlightened. Better. And when you face the light, you won’t blink, it will not blind you. Instead you will smile and bathe in its warmth. See it clearer than ever before. The light will make sense. A life of eternal summers ever after. Doesn’t that sound like a prize worth testing yourself for. The dark can offer it to you.

Into The Light

But our fear, that makes us look for an exit as soon as we enter the dark. Even if the door out is to a worse place, we would gladly take it, just to be out of the dark. We would rather wake up and escape into a reality that is more horrid. That is why change doesn’t occur. You didn’t allow yourself to explore yourself in the dark, to understand who you are and why you live the life you do. People say you see clear by the light, but in the dark all truths rise to the surface of your conscious. There are some things you would only explore in the comforting secrecy offered by it. In the dark there is nowhere to hide, because all is lost. And in that loss you stand to gain.


If you want to change your life, then kill your fear and be brave enough to face the uncertainty, anxiety and pain that comes with introspection. Then put that which you’ll learn into action. Embrace the dark and call it home, for a period, and you’ll leave happy. I have.

New Dawn


Your Thoughts?

Yours Truly

Zishaan ‘ZuZu’ Shafi

  1. Beautiful post. Love it!!! 🙂

  2. Suzie says:

    dear, this post definitely is so meaningful. I hope those are in the dark will find their way… thats not excluding myself on occassion times =P

    • Thank you! I think in the dark you mind and senses become sharper, your clarity and perception improve. Not only will you find the way out, but you’ll find the BEST way out. You and I, and ALL!

  3. NuttyNeuron says:

    Very inspirational! I Can totally relate to that 🙂 Your eyes become accustomed to the dark gradually and after a few bumps here and there you eventually come out of it. Ok now I’m rambling. Thanks for great post 🙂

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