Dreams Are For Dummies

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Poetry, Reflections, Thoughts
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Dreams Are For Dummies

Note: This is my most rambling, incoherent, from the mind, quickly written, unbothered Blog Post to date. Just walk with me on this. I know some of it makes sense. To me anyway. Comment and Challenge me. I dare you.



Dreaming is hard to do when your eyes are open.

I work to fulfil my ambitions not dreams.

I am too awake to dream.

Endless insomnia of awareness

I cant go through life day dreaming.

Swimming in pools of absence.



Letting glitter and stars cloud my vision.

I achieve because I see.

I see the world for what it is, so I dont let it trick me.

When your vision is blurry your judgement will be impared.


Cant do right if you cant think right. Cant think right unelss you can see right.

Look at the world closely and you’ll see its as small as your life.

The story of your life is the story of the world. Just bigger. It’s just ratio and scale.



Spot the patterns. The ever repeating, synchronised, relaying, endlessly looping patterns. All are different shades of grey.

Notice that the stories repeat. Different players, different costumes. Different but the same.

So if you are living a story then you should know its ending. If you’ve seen it happen before you’ll know what to look out for.

Wisdom is gleaned from observation.

Dont stumble on the road of life, look out for the potholes and avoid them.


Then again achievement means something different alltogether these days.

Seems like everyone wants to be a Star.


‘Do you want to be a Nurse my tone deaf daughter?’

‘No! I want to sing Daddy’

‘Ok darling, I believe in your dream’

Four X Factor auditions, a ton of expensive vocal lessons, 3 humiliating auditions, and one part as an extra in a T-Mobile add later, ‘Darling’ , is the mute who works part time in New Look.

Realism is dead.

Knowing your limits it ludicrous, we have none.

No longer content in just being themselves.

Why. The Universe is made up of more than just Stars.

A cosmic creation.

The majority of which is unseen Dark Matter, which binds it all together.

It’s purpose not understood. But it’s need is paramount.

So lost in dreams that your reality fails.

The dream world cannot sustain or satisfy.

It is as tangible as smoke, and just as nourishing and solid.

Feelings. Dreams.

Key words for modern living.

Thoughts. Ambition. Targets. Goals. Aims. Convictions. Beliefs. Truth. All redundant.

We need to FEEL, we need to DREAM, we need to follow vain desires.

Fantastical constructions that fall when the rain comes.

Foundations that cannot hold up more than your mind’s fancies.

Did you hear the story of the Four Little Pigs? Bricks, Sticks, Hay and Dreams. The wolf didnt even bother to huff and puff with the last one, he just chuckled and ate him whole.



Know yourself. Stop dreaming.

Look at the world. Get it together.

Stop wishing!



Start working.  Dream at night. Realise your potential during the day.

Dreams Are For Dummies. Dont Be Dumb!


Your Thoughts?

Yours Truly

Zishaan ‘ZuZu’ Shafi

  1. NuttyNeuron says:

    Wow…wow and wow! So I read through it, and I kept having this moment where i thought ‘yup thats my fav bit’ and then I read a little more and then found another favourite bit, and another one, and another and so I conclude the whole thing is amazing, this is rambling I dig 🙂

  2. turnthrice says:

    Love your use of relevant pictures. They really help drive your messages across. I feel I can really relate to the emotion in this post. Achieving isn’t always easy, especially when people tell you “it’s only a dream. You need to set real goals.” It’s even harder when ‘those people’ includes yourself…

  3. Joanna says:

    Wow! This was some pretty heavy stuff. You did an awesome job. Also, I nominated you for the Sunshine Award.

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