The Anger Of A Gentle Man

Posted: April 25, 2012 in Poetry, Reflections, Thoughts
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The Anger of a Gentle Man

A beast never paid any mind to a fly

You cannot harm me

Though you try

Your snake bite is trite

Your scorpion sting

Means nothing

So go ahead inject your venom

Do your best

Till you have nothing left

I will go on regardless


Whilst you’re crying rivers

I’ll be erasing the very memory of you

From my subconscious

I am stronger than you thought

In my life, many wars have I fought

You are not the first of my battles

My enemies once grouped like cattle

One by one I defeated them all

It was me, not David

Who made Goliath fall


Killer of Kings

Keeper of Crowns

Raised their Cities

To the ground

Toppled their Thrones

Took all that they own


I tried to be gentle

But some cannot let

Sleeping dogs lie

Do they forget

They flicked the switch

And started this war

Now I am nuking on them

They are filled with awe

‘Who knew someone so gentle

Could fight till he drew blood?

Who knew he was this mental?’


Perpetual forgiveness

Did this

Always thinking of another

Now I think why did I bother

Broke the cycle of self injustice

If I am not good to myself

Then who else will be

Since looking out for number one

All I have done is won


You cannot escape the firing line

No, not this time

I am spraying across the range

Deadly focused, not deranged

My bullets will only hurt the guilty

If you have done no wrong

You have no need to fear me

Only the unrighteous will fall

In this brawl

I’ll have them crying like new born babies

No uncertainty in this

No hope of maybe

Be assured, my word is my bond

My mercy this time, as shallow as a pond

My fury runs deep to the Earths core

When you think it is over

You’ll find there is more


The slumbering giant has awoken

Though I was happy sleeping

My eyes are now wide open

So let me get to reaping

The seeds you sowed

Will have you weeping

This harvest will not be one worth keeping


When I am done

You’ll wish you were six feet under

My wrath as frightening as thunder

As it crashes and splits your world asunder

A storm from the beginnings of time

But believe I am completely fine

I’m wrecking your life not mine

Once I am done

I will return to calm

Allow my tranquil self to return

I will lay my head down to rest

Until the next time someone decides to test

The anger of a gentle man

© Copyright Protected

Thank You For Reading

Kind Regards

Zishaan ‘ZuZu’ Shafi

  1. This one has effective momentum and energy, ZuZu! One very minor suggestion. Your ‘Who knew” stanza. Those are questions. They need question marks. (“?”) Great work. It made me get a lot done around the house.

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