Religion Is For Idiots?

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Reflections, Religion/Faith, Reviews, Thoughts
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Religion Is For Idiots?

These days the cry is getting louder and louder, given amplification by the scientific voices of the 21st century, that religion is for idiots. Each age has harboured such heralds, but these people have become leaders and their cries have become chants which are spoken as fact.

Richard Dawkins, David Attenborough, Steven Hawkins and many other popular and well known faces of science, vehemently affirm that an intelligent mind would not believe in the fairytale of God. They strive to look at the world and see the absence of God. They look to not see it, so of course they miss it.

They don’t have open minds, so their findings will always be flawed. If you are not open to the possibility that there could be a God, then you haven’t disproved their being one, you’ve ignored it.

They are in the business of God Refusion.

They work tirelessly to provide alternatives, why?

‘For modern day life requires it. We cannot continue to engage in time gone practices and beliefs.’

‘Why? Has man changed? Has yesterdays truth become a lie today?’

‘Modern day people are too intellectually evolved and enlightened to keep perpetuating the myth of God.’

‘Why? What do we now know that answers the fundamental questions and mysteries of life?’

The answer is: NOTHING!

Nothing has been ventured by science which answers the fundamental. All we have is more description of process and details of life. But we are being taught and forced into thinking that we do have concrete answers and explanations which you would believe in if you were not stupid.

Why is it being said that religion is the easy way out? Why is there a demonisation of believers? Why is it being said that a thinking mind will birth an atheist belief?

I have an intellectual belief in God and my Religion.

You could too, if you were able to dissect, explore and expand upon notions and processes of thinking. In order to do so however you must leave aside your prejudice, preconceptions and ego. You have to have an open mind which will lead you to the truth and then allow you to accept it. It seems that these days, over complication is the disease which is taking us from the truth.

I want to discuss just a few thinking processes, theories and signs, to clarify why i have said all of the above.

First of all I want to look at Logic. This has been hijacked by atheist science, and is used to retort all that a person of faith may say.


Right, so let us explore that. If you want to clutch onto logic, then you should apply it to its fullest extent. Let us apply it to the theories science has offered to explain how life began. That is where logic must first be applied.

The first explanation we are given, the one most unanimously agreed upon, is the ‘Big Bang Theory’.

(no, not that one. the other one)

The suggestion that an explosion which caused destruction and chaos, also caused the formation of our planet and solar system, a structure which is perfect in every aspect.

So what is being said is an explosion caused perfection. That is logical to you? A RANDOM collision, which was not ordered or guided, just occurred RANDOMLY, between rock and matter, along with RANDOMLY PERFECT amounts of heat, gases and forces, which all RANDOMLY were present at that moment, created perfection. Right!

(isnt that how it normally goes?)

So if I put all the components of a watch into a sealed container, fed heat and energy into it, and had it mechanically oscillate, rotate and crash the contents together, then I could expect a fully formed Rolex to be produced?

If the process is repeated a million times over, would you believe that could happen? Yet you would believe in that process being responsible for the creation of the planet you walk upon.

A planet, which sits at a degree perfect placement to the Sun. A degree closer or farther from the Sun, and Earth would not be inhabitable for life. Such PERFECTION from a RANDOM COLLISION. Where else has science ever proved such randomness to create such perfection? Where else can you see perfection being born from destruction?

Think of all the collisions you can conjure up, is there ANYTHING in it that can be predicted? Is there any aspect of it which is controlled? Has it ever produced anything but anarchy of matter?

The same intellectual ludicrousness is expected of you when science tries to explain how human life has come to be. Evolution.

(no, not that one)

(this one!)

The less spoken part of the Evolution Theory is that the whole thing was caused by Random Mutation. You’ll hear lecturers talk about that aspect for a minute, then drone on for hours about what came after. But again, I ask you to apply simple logic to it. Would you believe that a RANDOM genetic mutation could occur in today’s age and lead to the X-Men characters conjured by Marvel?

Because that is exactly what you are accepting by believing in the Evolution theory. That by chance, just one day, for no reason, purely randomly, a mutation occurred which led to a process of an extremely complicated higher life form being produced.

A mutation, a random mutation, created an infinitely, intricately, complicated creation. Cancer is caused by mutation, and it caused death and destruction of organisms. But this one. This one created life. Right!

A kind of mutation still not seen, in the millions of years since life has said to have been on Earth. Millions of years on, we still have not seen it manifest itself. But it occurred, randomly, and we have to thank it, for that is why we are here? If a student were to use random mutation to justify a theory that one day elephants will be able to walk on water, the thesis would be mocked and discarded, rightly so. But we can accept that a cell within an ape mutated and lead to a human. Right!

The Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang, rely upon heavy explanation of process rather than focusing upon what initiated the process. I could believe in the process, but not without believing that it was guided and controlled by a supreme hand, which had the supreme power to cause it.

Limitations plague all of Creation. All that lives was created. Man is the product of Creation, not of Process. So as limited beings you can only make that which is inferior in its capabilities than you. You cannot produce that which is superior in organic, physical and energy properties than you possess.

It is only logical that a Supreme Body, which due to its Higher Capabilities was the one that created, guided and initiated it all. For that is true in every other aspect of life that we accept. So why is it not accepted there.

You would NEVER believe that a baby could wash the dishes, mow the lawn, tidy the house and balance your cheque book. You would NEVER accept that a koala bear could create a mobile phone. You would NEVER accept that the most powerful and sophisticated technology created a horse foal. Because you can see the limitation all of those things have and you can see how they could never make something that is beyond their capability. So how did non living, simple structured organisms and inanimate forces create the vast complexities of LIFE?! Of Humans and Earth, and all that it carries?!

Science cannot answer the tough aspect of Creation. The Beginning. Yes, you can plant a seed for it to grow into a tree. You can incubate an egg to hatch a chicken, but can we create an egg or a seed? Can we put cells, blood and tissues together and create a human? No. The secret of life, the secret of the beginnings of all organisms is still a secret, which is irreproducible.

So I want to ask you, who is more stupid? The one who spends their life discussing process when their foundation is flawed? Or the one who is able to see the truth from simple facts?

Apply all the laws, theories and beliefs of modern science, (when it comes to explaining life), to everyday situations and you’ll laugh at what your being asked to believe, yet you believe they when it comes to the most crucial aspect of your existence.

If you know who made you and how, then you can go on to answering the why and what now.

So religion is not for idiots. It is for the smart.


Your Thoughts?

Zishaan ‘ZuZu’ Shafi


  1. Kamia says:

    Great Read! So True…Something Greater…Higher…Powerful Created this earth and us…It was God.

  2. You wrote this post so much better than I ever could have written it! Koodos to you, and yes I believe in God, not Science! The old ways are the good ways! Great Posts. Written like a pro.

  3. Thank you both for your comments! I really appreciate you taking the time to do so. And to all those who have voted on the poll so far! 😀

  4. This is great writing. And I won’t ever be cool enough not to admit that I believe in God.

  5. skarba says:

    love this post, your writing is really amazing, great use of images to show points!

  6. PROFESSOR says:

    I thought I was going to read something that would further my understing of religion. Instead I read some seriously stupid and ignorant paragraphs of opinion that is borderline mentally retarded. When I got to the “how could you believe in x-men mutations?” with regards to evolution I realized you weren’t intelligent enough to continue a conversation about this topic.

    • Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. I’d love for you to rid me of any ignorance or stupidity so if you’d like to talk more then please do reply. You misquoted me so please have read what i wrote properly, rather than skimming and then attacking me on things I didnt say. Please answer the questions I raised regarding the theories, I asked several and would answers 🙂 but do try and be civil, there is no need to be rude. 🙂

  7. Tural says:

    I would advise you to take some biology courses especially about the evolution theory there are enough effidences that prove evolution theory to be real mutation doesn’t just happen randomly it happens allot but most of the times it is ineffectief and environment is also a great factor in evolution and most of the animals also humans have rudimentary organs like the appendix or coccyx these two used to have a function in our body but thourgh the time it lost it’s function because we didn’t need them a snake has bones in his body which proves that it used to have legs but he didn’t need them so it disappeard in other words it evolved I would glady answer your questions but that is a little hard for me because English ain’t my first language my greatest advice would be follow some biology courses last I heard even Vatican accepted evolution theory sorry for the bad English

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read and leave a comment, I really appreciate your visit and time add to the discussion.

      I did A Level Biology and an Undergraduate Course which involved a lot Biology. All it reaffirmed to me was that there is a Creator. Call him whatever you like, but random mutation and chance could not account for what Life is.

      I understand and agree with natural selection and phenotype differences and adaptation etc.. These are probable theories. However what I am saying is I don’t believe these were processes or occurrences that were initiated without a Supreme Being.

      The form of mutation which supposedly caused apes to evolve into humans has not been seen since it supposedly just happened….

      The big bang, which was an explosion, created life. Has another explosion ever created anything since?

      These are the questions I’ve never had answered satisfactorily.

  8. Tural says:

    well the big bang theory we don’t have much evidence yet but if we look in space we can see that everything is moving away just like in a explosion imagine little particles close to each other now imagine a explosion pushing them all away it is something like that but there are more factors that play a role in big bang theory but the thing is my physics level ain’t that great I’m still in school but science can’t deny that there is a supreme being and they also can’t prove that there is a supreme being so scientist see a supreme being as a possibilty until it’s proven but then again abiogenisis is also a possibilty you can’t actually compare science with religion why? because science is purely made of facts and it adapts it says ‘it is true until the contrary is proven’ so science doesn’t have how can I say this hmm.. it doesn’t have a main form it changes constantly because everyday we find new evidences that help us fill in the puzzle of life and eventualy we will get to the bottom of this and dna test actually shows how close we are to lets say chimps at least our ancestors are the same but our ancestor was nor a chimp nor a human a chimp has exactly the same bones in his body you have the only difference is he ain’t bipedal but that is only because of the environment he lives in(trees) and he ain’t inteligent like us there were however other bipedal apes such as Australopithecus

    • I absolutely love science and think the pursuit of knowledge is essential in order for us to be the best versions of us possible. The more we learn the better lives we live. Yet knowledge without wisdom has no value, much of modern science speaks with assurance yet there are gaping holes in the theories they propagate as truth, these gaping holes are not addressed, instead they focus on details, losing the average person in them, who resigns them self to accepting what theyre being told, without question, for they feel it is beyond their ability.

      Religion OR Science, my point is every person should head on tackle the fundamental questions about life. How did I get here? Why? For what? Start basic and work your way up. Apply the same concepts used in theories like Evolution and The Big Bang and apply them to other scenarios, do they stick?

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