The Fire (Part 3)

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Poetry, Reflections
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The Fire (Part 3)


We all live in the dark

But the question is

Do you face the light

Or do you take flight

Into the velvet night

Swim in pools of black

Never to come back

Lost to the antithesis

Of your hearts preferences


Do not fear

The presence of shadows

Though they surround you

They cannot harm

For in your palm

You carry the fire

In that fight, you never tire


True, they will plague you

Your whole life through

The reward is worth the strife

So hold the torch up high

Watch the shadows flee

Fearing your loyalty

The zealous passion to divinity


So here I stand

I shall not run

I carry the fire

Of the One

Through the fire

I am whole

I claim it for my own

It is sustenance

From the cold

A guide in an unfamiliar world


The fire blazes bright

Slave to its rhythm

Hear it crackle and roar

I shall not lose it

Ever more

Now reignited

It will burn eternal

I will tend to it

Like a love maternal


© Copyright Protected


Yours Truly

Zishaan ZuZu Shafi



  1. 0ncebitten says:

    well written…

  2. Julien says:

    I’m not that good in english to get everything you wrote but some parts I did get are well written. Bravo

  3. Ananthu says:

    Man i love this!! the places this poetry takes me to… Thats all it matters at the end of the day. thanks Zu!

  4. firebug says:

    Awesome i been there in the dark of nite fighting house fire ..oh what a sight in the quiet nite.

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