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I want to talk about LOVE.

I’m not talking romance and relationships. I want to tackle LOVE. The energy. I want to explore and share my ignorance with you guys in a hope you will cure it with answers. I need to understand why there is a lack of it. Why it is becoming a stranger in a home that it made. I want to understand why expressing it seems to be so difficult to us. Why am I weird for wanting to share it with everyone and anyone who I come across.



Yes I am one of those people. I love to say hello to strangers, I love smiling at people, I love striking up conversations. Hell If I could I would go around hugging people. I am fully aware of how uncomfortable it makes some people feel, but I love it because the next time I hope it will be less alien to them. I am a firm believer in exchanges of love between two strangers as I don’t feel that we are strangers. we are children of the earth. We are one and the same. I know you. I think there is nothing to gain from hiding it, yet there is everything to gain from expressing it. Friendliness breaks barriers. My commitment to sharing and spreading love helps to heal divisions and shatter misconceptions.

I feel like a lone ranger at times.

Whenever I come across anyone talkative, smiling, friendly and radiating love from their every pore, I feel invigorated and hopeful. Such people are the ones who dispel the dark and bring warmth to a cold world.We need more of this.



Why are people so hesitant to say something nice?

Why not smile at a stranger?

Why think twice before giving a compliment?

What is it which makes us question displays of love?

Who planted seeds of humanitarian discord by poisoning this pure energy source?




Is it not the most natural of things? Does it not make you feel amazing inside? Does it no lead to goodness?

It is human. It is real. It is organic.

It is considered a weakness. It is a good weakness. It is revealing.

I am proud to admit it. I am a sucker for LOVE. In its pure form. Not for twisted notions of romance, but for its essence. I want to be loved. I want to feel it envelope me. I long for days filled with exchanges of love, from those known and unknown to me. I want to experience it undiluted and concentrated.


I want to kiss the every face of Love. It has so many.

There have been so many occasions where someone has misunderstood my love. Used it against me. Taken it for a weakness. Turned it into something wretched. They defiled something which was pure. It made me feel embarrassed. My face flushed with shame. Hot. Red. Regret.

That then spawns Fear. Fear prevents us from further expressions of love. It closes us off.

It shouldn’t.

It does.

Never regret a display of genuine love. Nothing sincere should be followed with remorse. If someone else cannot process something so pure, that is their loss. If they do not understand how to behave with love etiquette, that is their failing, not yours. You responsibility is to create and spread love. So do not be deterred.

The power of a single action, which is suffused with love, cannot be underestimated. It begins a chain of actions, whose timeline could extend for years…potentially never ending. You could be the one to begin that, you could be a part of it. Of a global exchange of love. It began with the first pair of human lives. It may have been broken and then restarted, but it endures. You are part of something as old as humanity. You

Don’t be the one who receives but doesn’t pass on. Do not be the weak link, the break or disturbance in the energy flow.


LOVE is misunderstood. Hollywood, piss poor singers, science and multinationals have all distorted it. It is raw. It is ancient. It is one of the forces which binds the universe. It is magnificent and colossal. It is a building block of life. It is expressed by all living things, it runs through us all. It is spoken in one language. A universal tongue. It’s power is epic.It can heal wounds that people did not know were there.

A smile. A hug. A kind word. A thank you or please. A minute of your time. A simple action. These can have such powerful ramifications upon the world. Don’t underestimate them.

Stop over thinking love. Stop being afraid. Stop disturbing the flow.
Join in.
Yours Truly
Zishaan ‘ZuZu’ Shafi
  1. Love the art in this article! I think people are really scared of love, because with love comes pain (always) at some point, either by seperation, loss, or death.

    To love is also to lose, but oh it is SO MUCH BETTER TO HAVE LOVED than to never have loved at all.

    • So true. It’s a risk isn’t it, because you don’t know whether or not your smile will be returned of whether your heart will be taken care of. But like you said that’s no excuse. Even giving live without receiving can bring a joy inside. But when it’s returned as well, that’s the extra bonus! Thank you for reading and commenting Liz 🙂

  2. Joseph says:

    I love this post Zuzu! There’s so much honesty and truth in it and it asks a lot of questions that I sometimes wonder myself. Although I’m still trying to express my love more, I understand how powerful of a force love is and how imperative it is that we show and share our love whenever we can.

    And I agree I think that it is our fear that holds us back. After all, we are either walking in the direction of love or fear. I think the fundamental thing for us to grasp is that we are all one. If we all accepted that truth, we wouldn’t worry about how our actions of love will be interpreted. And giving love feels good so why not do it?! lol

    These two lines really stuck out to me. So true!

    “I think there is nothing to gain from hiding it, yet there is everything to gain from expressing it.”

    “Why it is becoming a stranger in a home that it made.”

    Brilliant post Zuzu!

    • You hit the nail on the head when you said “just giving love feels great” coz that’s the point. Spread love for the joy it brings. Expect nothing in return. Anything that does come will then be appreciated in a more pure form. That’s very hard to do though. It’s a life’s work. Do you tend to reserve love for those you know only? If so, then why? Do you feel love is personal? Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! 😀

      • Joseph says:

        I don’t think that I particularly reserve my love for just those I know. I think sometimes I’m more loving towards strangers than I am with people I know smh. But I think it just has to do with not being sure how people will receive it. I don’t think I’m concerned as much with them not returning it as I am with them misunderstanding it or taking it the wrong way. I know that I shouldn’t concern myself with that but sometimes it still gets in my head.

        I think the type of love that is romantic is more personal, but LOVE as a whole I don’t hold to be personal in that sense. Love is a common thread between us all I’m working on trying to act from that truth more often.

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