Speak Up or Shut Up

Posted: September 23, 2012 in Politics, Religion/Faith, Thoughts
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Speak Up or Shut Up

Honestly, I am so tired of it. You’re having a conversation, there is a group of people discussing a topic, of course it is something controversial, aren’t most things these days? You have someone who will voice the most contentious and provocative of comments, more often that not it begins with ‘I’m not being funny but….’ and then they make some ridiculous statement….and most will let it slide. I wont.

Why? Because I am a argumentative self righteous zealot? No… well maybe.. no.. its because I truly am open to learning from others. Honest to God. I am more than willing to accept your point of view, HOWEVER, I do require you to support them. I will subjugate them to a debate. I want you to expand upon your statement, explain it, convince my of its wisdom. After all shouldnt we be talking from the mind and not out of our asses?

So why do I become the bad guy in a debate? Because I wont roll over and accept what you have to say at face value? I thought that was sensible. Forgive me for wanting you to explain why you just made the most stupid comment since they handed American Pop Stars a mic and asked them to weigh in on the Presidential race.

I come may from a specific culture, generation and faith, which of course shapes who I am and what I believe, but I have always looked for wisdom in other sources because I feel it is to be found everywhere. We are all trying to say the same thing in our own different way. The Universal Truth. So I dont close my mind off. But I do have a huge filtering process. I may take part of your truth and discard what doesnt sit with the core of what I have tested and then hold to be true.

So if I ask you to clarify your statement please do not proceed to project your insecurities upon me.

If you want to talk with me, then be prepared to justify what you say.

I want to clarify something, I don’t approach conversations with hostility or the desire to demean or crush someone in a debate. That is arrogant and can yeild no true learning, as there is no honesty and opneness to gleaning wisdom. I want to learn, so I am open. I am extremely passionate and opinionated, true, but I am open to being won over by a superior belief or value. I would be so grateful to you if you could impart a wisdom and intelligence I didn’t previously know. That is the greatest gift. I love to talk with and surround myself with people who inspire and challenge me to be the best version of a human that it is possible to be.

Perhaps it is seen as ‘respectful’ to ‘just agree to disagree’. In certain situations that definitely applies. However, when what the other person is saying, goes beyond a difference of opinion, and strays into grounds of ignorance and divisive hate, then you should challenge it. Not allow cowardice or debilitating passisitivity to allow such thoughts to fester and grow.

What you chose to ignore today may become something you have to physically fight tomorrow.

History has proved that.

If you cannot support your ideals then shut up. Why voice then unless you are willing to expand upon the thought process that brought you to holding that opinion. Maybe because there was no thought process? Living your life by headlines. Or maybe because what has brought you to believing these things is racism, ignorance, predujiscm and fear.



When did ‘debate’ become unpopular.

When did intellectual war become secondary to physical war?

When did challening anothers beliefs become rude and disrespectful.

(I have to put a HUGE DISCLAIMER here, that what I am advocating is Healthy, Productive and RESPECTFUL debate and interaction. Motivated by a genuine desire to learn and improve one another.)

I feel that if you question your own beliefs, put them through the wringer, analyse them with the sharpest eye…then you have more chance of actually embodying what you preach. I dont like to think and say one thing and do another, so I have to constantly question myself and what I am learning and believing.

If you think I’m harsh when debating with you, just know I am ten times harsher with myself. I dont allow myself leeway for ignorance, stupidity, hypocrisy or predujicsm. So I wont allow you much either.

Sorry if that makes me a contentious person. I guess you’ll either stop talking to me or apply the same process upon yourself.

So the choice is yours, Speak Up or Shut Up!


If you cant take it there then do us a favour and….

 …you tell em Mr T! 




Zishaan ‘ZuZu’ Shafi

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said brother, it reminded of a conversation/debate that I had going on fb this week. Started out fine but as soon as I dropped some points that required serious thought to argue the conversation turned “you must hate freedom” and “if you don’t like how our government does things you should leave” and “fuck the peopke of other countries” blah blah. Mind you these retorts came from 2 people, one a white conservative and the second a black liberal, irony that they would agree. Alas, I’m always open to conversation and debate, as long as it is intelligent, informed and respectful. I’m even open to changing my thoughts if you can supply me with valid evidence as to why I should. We must stand firm in our beliefs but not so firm that we ignore genuine evidence that is presented to us. We must be willing to accept that we may be wrong otherwise conversation or debate is pointless and we all lose.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read and leave a comment! I completely agree with your provision that we must be willing to accept that we may be wrong, it is the only way we can arrive to a truth, but like yourself I’ve found myself in that same situation, where once you press a debate, in an attempt to get to the core of an issue, some ugliness can result and you find yourself the centre of harsh attack, when all you want to do is explore the topic to its fullest extent rather than scratch the surface.

  2. firebug says:

    Well said thank you

    God it to judge all ..debate on the truth no that’s not me. Times to short here for that ..i believe “What you do today effects your tomorrow ! ”
    That makes life easy ..just do and say the truth and stay on right path.Love your self , Love others as your self ..forgive all ..live in peace
    Power & money is gift from god filled with joy .if there no joy… it not from god.
    FREEDOM it will only be in our minds …

    • Thank you for reading and commenting, you raised some really interesting points. I think we should be free and forgiving, but don’t you think we have a responsibility to help improve the world by ridding it of ignorance?

      • firebug says:

        Oh yes for sure i agree with u on that people sure know whats going on in the world and be willing to inprove the world and speak up..change must come before all our rights are taken away and our guns .people have become weak with no voice and in fear of backlash if they raise their voice people will go to jail .

  3. SudoOne says:

    Fantastic piece. Couldn’t have put it better myself. If more people were willing to debate more good positive things would get done.

  4. SudoOne says:

    Reblogged this on SudoOne and commented:
    Something worthwhile.. by someone other than me.. keeping it fresh!

  5. firebug says:

    Lol all my family is like me ..loud and proud we speak our mind ..i try to keep people informed of whats the real truth because people been lie to for so long from gov, news people ,that facts or cover ups ..i felt people just gave up …is … The “what ever” thinking who care we cant do a thing about ..the war ..or health care is the wealthy and the powerful people the rule the world and write laws the fits their needs and thats it ..so people get rip off everwhere is the normal..oh well that life ..wow it does not set well with me about alot of things going on i wish people grow a back bone ..you know i see people going crazy over lose a hockey game if they would use that passion for this world where they live ..change would come .

    • Which sources do you go to if you are looking to find out about current events? I was having this conversation a few days ago, and personally I think people who want to learn the real truth stay away from TV/Newspapers and dig deeper to find it.

      I am glad that you haven’t let the horrible situation we are all in, defeat you, at least you are trying to speak up and fight for change. It will come if we ALL fight for it.

  6. J’aime tomber sur ce type blog

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