Pain is a sea with no bed. You can plumb the depths of it to find it goes deeper still. What is the point of pain?  know it has one.

Pain FOR those who have gone and left their footprints on your soul. Pain FROM those present who stomp upon your spirit. Pain BY what YOU put YOURSELF through.

Pain. When tears bring no relief, only affirm that your heart is breaking.

Pain. When talking only reminds you of the pain.

Pain. When the silence makes it more intense.

When you feel you cannot cope, what is your solution?

Pain can be such a pain.


Cat In Pain... or is it indigestion? :(

Cat In Pain… or is it indigestion? 😦


Your thoughts

Yours Truly

Zishaan ‘ZuZu’ Shafi

  1. Julien says:

    We all have to go through pain in our life, and I think pain has a point and in a way we need to feel pain for many reasons. Like sometimes we have to learn the hard way, we have to let ourself burn to really deeply feel something that we didn’t understand before, many people don’t realize the pain they left behind because they didn’t experience it. Not to mention that without pain I’m not sure we’ll be able to recognize happiness and to appreciate completely. The most important thing about pain is to learn from it, always. And at the end we are who we are because of our story, our pain, our hope, our, vision, our faith.

    I heard something lately and I really liked it, if happiness doesn’t last so do pain and the quote was “Everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay then it’s not the end.”

    • Pain as a learning process? What do you guys think about Julien’s point?

      I agree with your point, I think painful lessons can teach us the longest lasting lessons… The pain makes you always remember the event.

      Love your last point, “if happiness doesn’t last neither does pain” that is a brilliant line!

  2. Ah, pain. Do we ever get rid ourselves of this thing? It seems that I am always in pain, just in varying intensities. When I’m in great pain, I take turns at crying and silence, like they are two competing sides in a game of ping-pong and I am the ping-pong ball. You just do it, I guess, you know, cope. Sometimes you block the pain. Sometimes you divert your attention. But that only works for a very short while for me.

    What helps me is when I gather enough courage to face the pain as it is, and accept it wholly – every last bit of detail that surrounds the whole painful experience.

    Being honest to myself helps, and cliche as this may sound, but time is a really great helper, too.

    • A very powerful and poignant comment. You’re so right in saying you have to be brave enough to face the pain and explore its details… Only then will you learn from it.

      Seems things like crying, silence, ignoring it, repressing it… Don’t help ultimately facing it is the only soloution.

  3. NuttyNeuron says:

    This is so so powerful, absolutely love it! ‘Pain can be such a pain’ nicely put 🙂

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