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All The Money In The World Wont Cure Your Stupid. 

It is not a disorder which even 1.8 million pounds can treat, something which Roger Griffiths proved after winning the lottery on October 22nd 2005. He quit his job, reformed his old University band ‘FMB’, then once that fell apart started a another called ‘The French 75’s. He bought a health spa, went on holidays, bought extravagant cars and homes and generally enjoyed his millionaire lifestyle…until he found he had no money left. He has now split from his wife, moved in with his parents, is repaying debts and has gone back to work as a Recruitment Consultant.

roger griffiths lottery win millionaire

I have no personal problem with Roger Griffiths, nor is this blog post an attack upon him,  he is merely an example I am using to warn myself and the world of an epidemic which I am most concerned about. He is not alone, there are millions in the same stupid boat.

stupid people

See, rich or poor, whether you started at the top  or bottom, silver spoon or spoonless, give someone a pot of gold and the result will  reflect who you are as a person, (Social Injustice to a side, that is a huge topic which I wont delve into on this post). This story really emphasised the point that common sense has indeed become a super power. From Actors and Singers to Lottery Winners, stupidity has taken them from rags to riches…back to rags. Why?


Well because Stupidity is on the rise! When will we have concerts to cure it? when will there be PSA’s on TV to warn about it? Where are the health campaigns?  The screening tests? Are we closer to a cure? Why is there no vaccine for it when it infection rates are soaring? How can we prevent the new generations from catching it? Why is no one panicking!? PANIC! PANIC! PANIC!

judge judy

‘Beauty Fades, Dumb Is Forever’  -Judge Judy

This is just a warning from me to me, me to you, you to all of yours. Money can’t cure stupid. Neither can a Private School. Nor can a Life Coach. A Religion can’t do it and neither can a Scientist.

Only you can.

albert Einstein stupid quotes

Open your eyes, close your mouth and use your brain. THINK about every single thing in your life. Then THINK some more. You don’t have to come up with answers initially, just start off by thinking. And once you have thunk extensively, start thunking for answers. They will come once you have come up with the right questions.

Everything you need to succeed is already within you, provided you have cured your Stupidity. Cure THAT and you can tackle the rest. If not you will suffer the same fate as poor Roger Griffiths.

Yours Truly

Zishaan ‘ZuZu’ Shafi


Hello Blog World… 

I know I have been quiet.. and I know many of you are thankful for thatBUT I wanted to disturb the peace and pop by to say…I am here, I am thinking, I am formulating…I am just not sharing much as of late… this will change… much to your dismay…

There is a face lift coming ”CynicalMeorStupidYou?” way and a host of new posts. I will be trying some new stuff and inviting some great Bloggers to raid this space and have their way.

Until then I Just wanted to say….

All that lives longs to be loved and it is loved THROUGH US. Every time you love you honour the Creator.

So love by word, love by art, love by photography, love by looking, love by touching, love by song, love by prose.. just LOVE dammit.

Love heals wounds that people didnt even know they had. Love heals wounds that are thought to be fatal.

That is the power of love!

Love can transform the wretched. Love can save the doomed. Love can revive the hopeless. Love can heal the sick. Love is the only cure

Like all things, if done wrong, it can cause more harm than good.

So love the right way and love the right things.

Start with yourself and work your way out from there.

As you begin to Love the path will become clear.


Yours Truly 

Zishaan ‘ZuZu’ Shafi

The Price of Freedom is Responsibility

There is a price for everything in life. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a million times over, because it seems that we dont give a moments thought to what the cost is to receive what we so desperately want.

We believe that such and such is what we need, and we would be so much better off for having it. We convince ourselves, even when the truth is we wouldnt be able to maintain what we receive.

The part of our mind which is all ‘want want want’ is able to fool the rest of you into having a firm belief that we deserve something, we would be able to handle it, be improved by having it, be able to appreciate it and do so much better with it then others.

This is true on a personal level and on a socio-political level also.

Recently across the world, (and in the past), our history has been dominated by nations rising up, overthrowing their ruling regimes, and crying out for change….

-They then throw down the Government

The dust settles

Adrenalin dies down

Testosterone levels settle

Reality sets in-

That is when fear takes over, and a creeping, unnerving realisation rises to the surface, and it dawns that whilst they cried ‘OUT OUT OUT‘ they had no idea who they wanted ‘IN’!

And so the thumb twiddling begins. And whilst people mill around kicking rocks, and looking at each other with ‘I dunno’ expressions, the masters of manipulation roll up their sleeves and get to work.

The Price of Freedom is Responsibility. If you are going to call for the end of something, then have a plan, have an alternative. Or all you’ll have is the same old b.s, but through a different face.

Your zeal and passion will be without reward and your circumstances wont change. You called for an end to monstrosity but all you got was another monster.

Emotions drive us… but thought is what elevates us.

It is high time we use our minds and refer back to the guidance sent down to us to present the world with an alternative future… before they completely rob us of the chance.

Your Thoughts?

Yours Truly

Zishaan ”ZuZu” Shafi