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Journey of Hope




I drag my feet

Leaving behind a trail of dust

As my feet scuff 

Across the  ground

Needless to say I have grown wary

On this seemingly endless journey

Searching for a heart containing purity

With each step hope dwindles

All I have met is folk trying to swindle

Me, of my belief in humanity

Is this a fools errand I have embarked upon?

I am so tired now

Should I go on?

The nights have been darker

Than the days have been bright

Do I have the strength to continue this fight?





Yours Truly

Zishaan ‘ZuZu’ Shafi



Today is the second year anniversary of the greatest loss in my life. Losing my Dad. Every day since has been hard. Every day is an anniversary. Wanted to post this to remember him openly and help relieve some of what is in my heart and mind.



Beloved heartbreaker


Beloved heartbreaker

I stifle my sobs of anguish

As you tear through the flesh of my chest

To reach my beating heart

Heartbreaker you are killing me.


But I am glad for the pain

If it means I get to see your face again


Heartbreaker you have bested me

It is a defeat I boast of gladly

O Beloved Heartbreaker

Who appears when I sleep

Haunting my swim through midnight pools

Of dreams.


You drag me down

To the darkest places

I plunge the very depths of misery

My tears filling the seas

Leading them to overflow


Beloved Heartbreaker

Don’t you know

How much you hurt me

Beloved Heartbreaker

Don’t you know

This is how I want it to be


-Zishaan ‘ZuZu’ Shafi

Dear Departing Love


Dearest departing traveller don’t forget me. By God don’t go for too long, parting for but a moment is hard. I feel anguish when you blink and we are no longer meeting eyes, so with this departure, how can you imagine I am to survive.

There is chaos and sadness today, my beloved has left, leaving me bereft. There cannot be any joy. With every second I pray for your return, kindred, you do not know how my heart yearns. Don’t think I didn’t ask, the world and the universe, to make you stay, you didn’t heed what they had to say.

I know it was not a choice, and one day, together, we will rejoice. Just know until I see you again, I will not turn my gaze from the horizon, as I watch you walking away. As you do my heart will sob, my tears are a testament to that.

Dear Departed if you could but see, what your departure has done to me.

Yours Truly

Zishaan ‘ZuZu’ Shafi

Your Heart As My Pen


 I wish your heart

could be my pen

I’d place it to the pad

and let it begin


Watch as it wrote

streams of words

to me.

As it did

I would wait patiently


For the end result

I look on.

As the ink streams

from the nib

to the sheet


Curls and dots

loops and marks

A fantastical construction

to express our thoughts



YOUR thoughts.

YOUR feelings,

this time

not mine


Those I know

only too well

It’s how you’re feeling

that I cant tell


So let me use your heart

as my pen

And as it would

draw to an end

The Pandora’s box

Would be opened


I would finally get to see

what it is

you feel for me


Feel or don’t.

Either way

I have to know.

So I can lay

my poor heart to rest


Only you can grant

this wish to me

I need to know

how you feel, honestly.



Yours Truly,

Zishaan ‘ZuZu’ Shafi


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I Can’t Fix What I Can’t See

”If I knew, what I’ve done to you,

I could put it right.

But I’m in the dark, and you wont speak,

so I’m clueless, therefore useless.

So wont you shed some light,

so I can make it right, and promise never to repeat,

that which has made you distant from me.”



I’m talking problems and soloutions; in relationships, work, home and life.

We can only fix what we can see, and sometimes when it comes to ourselves, we are pritty blind.

Sometimes it takes another to highlight our problems and the wisest person is the one who can accept the advice and then change.

If someone is true, and has love for you, they will speak on a problem you have, so it doesnt become so big that it becomes too diffiuclt to change. If someone cares for you then they will talk.

It’s not possible to fix everything though and not all things should be.  Some things need to be overlookedsome things need to be forgiven.

A reltaionship only works if there is a balance of both, and when the process is reciprocal.

Communication is the key to a healthy happy relationship, without it things fester, brood and then erupt.

You then begin to admonish your love for things they didnt even know they were doing.

Sometimes finding soloutions to our probelms is harder then finding soloutions to the problems of others.

So let life be a cycle of talk and listen, of support and being supported, of noticing and taking heed.

If the cycle is fair and constantly turning then issues are resolved.

If there’s breakdown, there will be tears.

Dont suffer in silence. It doesnt help you or anyone… but when you speak, speak from love and kindness, and you will be surprised how quickly you can come to a soloution.

Speak to help others, and let others speak on what you need help with. That way, we will all be able to fix what we cant see.


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Your Thoughts?

Yours Truly


Zishaan ‘ZuZu’ Shafi