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Hello Blog World… 

I know I have been quiet.. and I know many of you are thankful for thatBUT I wanted to disturb the peace and pop by to say…I am here, I am thinking, I am formulating…I am just not sharing much as of late… this will change… much to your dismay…

There is a face lift coming ”CynicalMeorStupidYou?” way and a host of new posts. I will be trying some new stuff and inviting some great Bloggers to raid this space and have their way.

Until then I Just wanted to say….

All that lives longs to be loved and it is loved THROUGH US. Every time you love you honour the Creator.

So love by word, love by art, love by photography, love by looking, love by touching, love by song, love by prose.. just LOVE dammit.

Love heals wounds that people didnt even know they had. Love heals wounds that are thought to be fatal.

That is the power of love!

Love can transform the wretched. Love can save the doomed. Love can revive the hopeless. Love can heal the sick. Love is the only cure

Like all things, if done wrong, it can cause more harm than good.

So love the right way and love the right things.

Start with yourself and work your way out from there.

As you begin to Love the path will become clear.


Yours Truly 

Zishaan ‘ZuZu’ Shafi



A List of Sucky Bloggers

Ok now that my title roped you in, (hopefully generating some more meaningless traffic to my Blog, which will increase my viewing stats and go some way toward filling that gaping hole in my heart with a false sense of popularity) , I hate to tell you, but this is is not a WordPress drive by.

 I will not be popping caps in any e-asses of my fellow bloggers, not because I’m too mature or well-mannered to do so, just because I can’t be bothered to.

What I really want to do in this Blog is mention some of my favourite things…schnitzels and noodles..bloggers!

There is a vast sea of WordPress bloggers, but these guys have all caught my attention for their well written, informative, interesting content.

So please check them out, if the fancy takes you that way.

          -Has she stayed sane? I think so, her stuff is great!

          -Is this lady bats about cats? Very good blog for animal (well Cat) lovers!

          -One of my favourite Blogs!

          -Nothing primitive about this cave girl! Poetry, Stories, Sense! 

           -Great music, lyrics, poetry, stories

           -Great Blog showcasing the best of Asian Bloggers!

          -Really enjoy this smart ladies stuff, great variety, all from the heart!

            -Very interesting political/social content

        -A move from the norm can be good, in this case its excellent! Fantastic!!

So there we have it.. a list of sucky blo- …I mean GREAT Bloggers! ;-P

Hope you find them as interesting as my amazing Blog. Yes I said it, AMAZING. Deal!

Yours Truly

Zishaan ‘ZuZu’ Shafi